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    2 Diamond picks today (Jan 14th)

    The small market today offers some interesting opportunities. In the subscription section, subscribers can find 2 Diamond picks, and they are the best options on the market for the day.

    Slow betting day, 1 Diamond and 3 Golden picks (Jan 12th)

    There is 1 game that stands out today, and it is in the Diamond picks section. Curious enough, this game is not one of the most popular on the market, but the bookmakers are already extremely cautious. The poor market today offers 3 Golden picks as well.

    Our successes continue, 10 Diamond picks and 2 Super VIP picks today

    The excellent success rate of our predictions continues! Yesterday we correctly predicted the only Diamond pick of the day (Le Havre FC). It was also a free email prediction for our subscribers of this service.Today we offer a remarkable number of 10 Diamond picks, all available with a standard subscription. Super VIP subscribers receive 2 predictions.

    Which one is the Diamond pick? (Jan 10th)

    Today, 1 prediction stands out from all others in the relatively poor market. It is the only Diamond pick and you can access it with a regular subscription (10 EUR per month).