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    Super VIP was excellent yesterday, new tip today (Sept. 30th)

    We had an excellent Super VIP tip yesterday - the victory of Dynamo Kyiv in the Champions League qualifiers. Today subscribers receive another prediction. The rich of opportunities day offers 5 Diamond picks in the subscription section. A total of 174 matches have been predicted in "Today's Matches and Predictions", with 26 recommended bets.

    Fantastic opportunities today (Sept 29th)

    Today the market offers fantastic opportunities. Paid subscribers have access to  11 Golden and Diamond picks. Super VIP subscribers have already received an excellent prediction.

    It rains picks and tips again: 13 Diamond picks and 2 Super VIP predictions (Sept. 27th)

    The end of the weekend offers an abundance of predictions. There are 13 Diamond picks in the subscription section and our Super VIP subscribers receive 3 picks. You can find a total of 232 analysed matches in the free 'Today's matches and predictions' section, with 60 recommended bets.

    10 Diamond picks and 2 Super VIP picks today (Sept 26th)

    There are plenty of opportunities in the last weekend of September, but many traps as well. Subscribers receive as many as 10 Diamond picks. Our Super VIP subscribers get 2 special predictions.  Learn how to get Super VIP predictions for free in our section 'Promotions'.